JIN Radio 171 The Jazz

Some fine Jazz going out to my Mom, Grandmum and all the great mothers out there Enjoy and chill クールなジャズ母親、おばあちゃんと素敵お母さん達に届します。 エンジョイしてにゃ~

JIN Radio 169 End of Year Special

  JIN Radio sends the year off right with our Top 4 musicians for Jazz, Pop and other Genres. Who made the

JIN Radio 167

  JIN is here with great more great music. We reintroduce The Beatjackers 2.0, Kenichiro Nishihara with Tamala, Naomi Ebihara Wada and

The Consouls


Official Page


The Consouls are a Sydney based ensemble best known for their arrangements of video game music on YouTube.

They got their start with jazz arrangements all the way back to 2014, but these days their repertoire has expanded out into other genres ranging from funk, fusion, rock and everything in between, sometimes featuring larger ensembles of horn and string sections.

Their work can be found on their YouTube channel and other music services.


The Consouls はシドニーを拠点とするアンサンブルで、YouTube でのビデオ ゲーム ミュージックのアレンジで最もよく知られています。


彼らの作品は、YouTube チャンネルやその他の音楽サービスで見つけることができます。