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Indie Idol singer Ami Kondo aka. AmiDol started her musical journey in early 2010. Before that she had studied at various performance arts school in Japan for dance and acting.

Since her solo debut she has already released her first full album “Ami no Songsu” and is currently doing live shows around the Tokyo area.

With a high tempo Pop sound and strong vocals, the album is definitely worth a listen.

It can be bought through the Artists Creative site at:

or at her live shows.


誕生日: 7月4日

星座  かに座

血液型 O型

趣味  香水集め、キティちゃんグッズ集め

特技  耳を折り畳む・早まばたき

資格  秘書検定3級・漢検準2級・書道3段・珠算準1級・暗算2級・普通自動車免許







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