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Namy is not a person per se but a free-moving ever changing Bossa Nova Jazz band/project with no permanent members. It is produced by DJ Yutaka Takanami.  The project features various artists on the Bossa Nova jazz scene in Japan and beyond. Artists who have participated in the project include Jazz Collective, Immigrant’s Bossa Band, and more. 2 albums “Namy” and “Namy: Purple” have been released so far, with a third “Namy: Yellow” to be released in January. Each album contains a different theme or look at the music. At times giving the classic bossa nova sound to presenting something with a little more R&B flavor.

The CDs are only available at their live events at the moment. So it is highly recommended to go check them out and pick up an album.

Namy(ナミー)サウンドプロデューサー・DJ として活動中の高波由多加率いる特定のメンバーを持たない自由なミュージックプロジェクト。今までいろんなアーチストを参加しています(Jazz Collective、Immigrant’s Bossa Band、Ai Ichikawa など)。


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