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Rapper and track maker PSG, his big bro PUNPEE,  school friend GAPPER and big bro’s girlfriend DJ MEW make up the laid back hip hop group S.L.A.C.K. PSG started his rapping flow at the age of 12 and has definite skill. He was even marked out by Japan Hip Hop  ZEEBRA as someone to watch. And now at 22 he has yet to show his full potential.

S.L.A.C.K. recently released their debut album “Myspace” and is looking to show everyone the kind music skillz they have.

Skate Board Bridge(板橋地区)からDown North Camp(下北沢)…東京各地に大きな橋をかける彼の名はS.L.A.C.K.(スラック)。先日リリースしたデビューアルバム『My Space』により圧倒的なSKILLをシーンに提示した記憶がまだ新しい。しかしS.L.A.C.K.の制作意欲は止まる事を知らない。


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