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Rino is a talented artist who began singing and writing at a young age. Since then her career has included being a part of a band, a performance group and a singing unit.  Her many talents also include engineering as she records and edits her own music.

In 2006 she released her first 7 single mini-album “Watashi De Innda -Anata Ga Tatta Hitotsu No Okurimono-” (I’m good. You Are Just One Gift)

2009 she released her 2nd Indies mini album “Hana No Youni” (Like A Flower) nationwide in Japan

A year later her 3rd mini album  “Kyu NichiKan De Watashi wo Kuroshite” (Kill Me In 9 Days), a kind of support song for the ladies, was released 2/14 just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Rino has performed in New York and was recently featured on the NYC community cable network MNN. Definitely a young lady to catch soon.







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