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Lamp is a great band with smooth yet upbeat sound. Formed in 2000 with members
Taiyou Someya (composer / guitarist / conductor / producer),
Kaori Sakakibara (vocal / flute / accordion),
Yusuke Nagai (vocal / multi-instrument-player / composer).

They have released 5 CDs. their 1st album “Soyokaze Apartment 201 (Breeze Apartment 201)” in 2003, 2nd album “Koibito e (To My Lover)” in 2004, 3rd Album “Komorebi Dohri Nite (On The Sunlight-Through-Trees Street)” in 2005, Original Compilation Album “Zankou (Remain Of The Light)” in 2007 and 4th album “Lamp Genso” in 2009.–All of their CDs were released by the MOTEL BLEU, a Japanese indie label.–

They released CDs also in Korea and had live shows there in 2006 and 2008.

They are currently recording their 5th album.

One thought on “Lamp

  1. Hi,
    I am from Indonesia
    and thanks to Internet, I’ve got to know this wonderful band.
    I love LAMP so much, that I’m thinking of ordering & buying their albums from Japan!
    their music could somehow make my heart feels so warm and also FREE!
    I will share with my Indonesian friends here,
    and hopefully, LAMP will keep growing bigger, and go performing LIVE in Indonesia someday! ^^

    jaa ne!

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