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Pianist and Kobe native Misato Senoo started her music studies at the young age of 3. She would later enter and graduate from the Musashino Academia Musicae, where she studied musical intrument theory and piano. During this time she would also study under classical pianist Kyoko Itou.

However, after graduation she would discover the music of legendary pianist Michel Petrucciani. His music influenced her to change directions in style towards Jazz. This would lead her to study under Jazz artist Shimamoto Takeshi.

Since then Senoo has released three albums:

2005 “La Mi-cia” as part of a piano trio

2008 “ROSEBUD” fully original album via JAZZ LAB. RECORDS

And 2009’s “La Vie” available through Disk Union via  DIW the GRACE

Currently she is performing live around the Kansai, Tokyo and Nagoya areas of Japan.

With a beautiful piano sound she is an artist to check out soon!

神戸市出身。 3歳よりピアノを始める。

2005年自らのピアノトリオ 『La Mi-cia』(ラ・ミーチャ)を結成し、オリジナルライブを展開。
2008年12月20日、全曲オリジナルアルバムCD「ROSEBUD」をJAZZ LAB. RECORDSより
2009年11月20日、全曲オリジナルアルバムCD「La Vie」をディスクユニオン DIW the GRACEより、リリース。



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