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n the Autumn of 2001, song-writer/guitarist Taisuke Saitou and song-writer/vocalist Miwa Yahagi met through a musicians’ website and soon, Miwa started putting lyrics to Taisuke’s four-track demos. After a short while, feeling the limitations of a duo, they started looking for a bassist, drummer, and second guitarist. Soon, Makiko Kusakabe joined the band on bass. Every week, the trio would rehearse for two hours in a Sangenjaya studio and then chat for four hours in a nearby cafe.

The next addition to the band was guitarist/vocalist, Mike Matuszak. Because he speaks very little Japanese at the time, the trio was a bit apprehensive at first. But his sunny personality outweighed the language barrier and soon, Mike joined the band.

Next, Mike’s friend Tetsu Saito became the band’s drummer, and at last, Lost in Found started to resemble a real band. But, after a while, in order to vary the arrangements and thicken the sound, the band looked for a keyboard player and found Mike Curtes (Mikey). And finally, out of a fondness for the sounds of Belle and Sebastian, Yukiko Hamada was brought into the band on trumpet and flute, completing the seven-member family of Lost in Found.

The group existed in this form for about 1 year, and was able to record 10 songs, 7 of which are on “falling star” album (self released). But, Miwa went to England to study abroad, then San Francisco. Michael followed suit and decided the U.S.A. was the place for him.

Thus, Mineko came to the rescue. She could play keys and sing.
But After a short while, Taisuke decided, for personal reasons, to call it quits. Lost in Found was now without it’s originator, but still decided to persevere recruitng Daichan the guitarist of 4 bonjour’s parties. In it’s newer form, the band was able to record “Chemical Physical”, a 5 song e.p. which was a little more punchier and rockier than previous material.

However, without Taisuke and Miwa Lost in Found was losing momentum and drive to continue on and in 2005 the decision was reached to disband.

About half a year following the break up, the band reformed with the original members without Mikey who now lives in New York. Although Taisuke has unfortunately dropped out again, it’s newest formation includes Mike Matuszak (guitar, vocals), Miwa Yahagi (vocals, accordion and various instruments), Maki Kusakabe (bass), Satoshi Saito aka Tetsu (drums), Mineko Matuszak (keyboard, vocals), Yuki Hamada (trumpet, xylophone, flute) and Ayumu Haitani (electric gutar).

You can catch the band playing around Tokyo and currently in the process of putting together some new recordings.


2001年秋 作曲/Gの斉藤泰介と作詞/Vの矢作美和が出会う。
その後Gのマイク マツザックが加入。彼は日本語がしゃべれないため、3人は当初かなり及び腰だったが マイクの言葉の壁にもめげない明るいキャラにより加入が決定。
そしてキーボードのマイク カーティスが加入。
2005年2月、Lost in Foundの立ち上げメンバー&作曲者だったGの泰介が、蕎麦屋が多忙な為脱退。新ギタリストとして4 bonjour’s paritiesの日下部だいちゃんが加入。日下部というレアな名字がメンバーに2人いることに運命を感じつつ(かつてはMikeも2人,斉藤も2人いた ことも…)活動を続けるも、2006年冬に解散。
しかし、ほどなくして活動再開。現在、マイク(ボーカル、アコギ)、美和(ボーカル、コーラスetc.)、真記子(Bass)、哲(Dr)、夕起子(トラ ンペット、フルート)、峰子(コーラス、キーボード)に灰谷歩(4 bonjour’s parties)を新たにリードギターに迎え、東京を拠点にマイペースに活動中。


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