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The group L.I.N.E (lead is new emotion) was formed in April 2010. This Pop Rock duo features Vocalist sakurai (che:櫻井), who has become a popular singer on the Internet and Producer (Keyboardist) HYBRID SENSE. He has been involved in various activities including working as a producer and a composer. Their sound features a a hybrid style of pop rock with a bit of R&B.

Their first mini album “dawn of new emotion” was released in October and should be available online soon. This is an exciting new band to check out soon.


独特の色を持つボーカリスト「sakurai(che:櫻井)」、プロデューサー・コンポーザー・パフォーマーと多彩な活動で知られる「HYBRID SENSE」。インターネットでそれぞれ活動してきた二人により、2010年4月結成。


ファストミニアルバム「dawn of new emotion」10月からリーリス。このレベル高いなニューバンドすぐにチェックするべき。。

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