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This multi-talented Alanta, Georgia native began performing in the Hip Hop group Tricloptic Nerve as Sage Sensai(mc) with Name Basic(mc) and DJ Sonar in 2003.

Tricloptic Nerve traveled the Southeast US sharing the performance stage and opened for groups such as Mars Ill, Remnant,  DeepSpace5, The Listener and Heath McNease

In August, 2005 Sage Sensai moved to Tokyo, Japan and began performing simply as David Whitaker.

Since moving into the Tokyo music scene he has shared the stage and worked with many talented local and international artists from many different genres such as FreeTransEnsemble, 3000 Worlds, The Life Penciled Crew, Kat McDowell, Ray Dorsey, Fubar Recordings, Kensho Kuma, Soul Betting Ground and Rhyming Gaijin .

David’s voice can even be found on the Dragon Ash releases “Best of With Changes Vol.2″(2007) in the song “Wipe Your Eyes” Also, on their 2010 single”Ambitious”

And…Hiroyuki Sawano’s release “Musica” (07/2009) the song “Melancholia”

He also hosted Open Mic Nights every Thursday at Shibuya’s CoZmo’s Cafe and Bar for 5 years.

David Whitaker is most definitely a musical and production force in the Tokyo Indies music scene.


ジョージア州アトランタで生まれたMC Saga Sensai2003年にTricloptic Nerveというヒップホップユーニットを参加して南東アメリカに音楽活動を始める。

2005年にSaga Sensaiが日本に移動してDavid Whitakerの名で活動

その後彼が様々ジャンルからの国際的、多才なアーティストKat McDowell, Ray Dorsey, Fubar Recordings, Kensho Kuma, Rhyming Gaijinなど、と一緒にいろんな作を作っていく。

Davidの声もDragon Ashのリーリス「Best of With Changes Vol.2」2007年と2010年のシングル「Ambitious」にも聴く事できる。

そしてやく5年間くらい渋谷のCoZmo’s CafeオープンマイクライブイベントMCしました


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