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cruising star

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The interesting duo has been producing music while one person is in Canada and the other is in Japan.  With Ange de Noel on vocals and YuukiN on guitar their music is just as good and maybe better some bands despite the long distance work. They latest catchy single “Frying Pan” is available online now. Their #1 ring melody “warmth” for Columbia’s indies band battle is reccomended. Finally check out their blog on everything from music to life in Canada and Japan. Click on their names to go their respective blogs. 

カナダモントリオール在住のジャパニーズカナディアン Ange de Noel(アンジュ ド ノエル) ボーカル、ハーモニー担当と山形在住のYuukiによるユニットです


6/10 モバイルコロンビアから、Cruising☆Starの「Warmth」が着うたフルとして配信され、6月のインディーズバトルダウンロードで1位を獲得しました!!

1月1日より「Sweet Joy」が着うたになりました ☆☆☆☆

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