Pop / Rock

Indies Pop?? some people shake their heads in confusion. But we here at Japan Indies, see Pop as a style of music which incorporates different genres including Rock.

Due to the nature of “Wa” (keeping harmony) in Japanese society, some who have visited and/or lived here may find it hard to believe that there is a strong rock culture in Japan. Especially since rock and roll as it is known tends to go against the very idea of total harmony. However, the rocker spirit has found a place for itself in the land of the rising sun. Japanese or J-rock has been around for awhile and has gone through many of the evolutions that western rock has experienced. There is the classic 70’s style of rock which can be heard in the early days of bands like Southern All-Stars, and solo stars like Char. Then there are styles that span the 80s and 90s with pop, glam, punk, alternative and of course indies rock. Here is an eclectic list of Pop / Rock indies artists we think you will like.