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*This group is no longer active musically

**Former lead singer Yuta Hoshino is now solo. Check his page here


**元リードボーカルYuta Hoshino現在ソローになって活動中。。こちらにチェック

Three man group Sola featuring Yuta on vocals, Kamicho on piano, and Kumekei on guitar/vocals have been making waves the last couple of years in Tokyo. With many single releases, sold out concerts events, and a popular online radio show under their belts, they are making their biggest step yet with their 1st full album “Wonderful” (Aug. 28th release).

Their music with it’s adult contemporary feel, sweet melodies and lyrics even caused one fan to go as far as to say “Listening to Sola’s music feels like it could be healing. ” We at Japan Indies will simply say it is some  “Good Stuff”. Ask for their album at your neighborhood CD store in Japan.


Solaーゆうた(Vo)、かみちょ(Piano)、と くめけい(G.Vo.)
いくつなのシングルを出して、売り切りのライブと人気オンラインラジオ番組があってはわずかの間にインデーィズ東京にインパクトになってる。そして今年の8月でSolaの1stアルバム“Wonderful World”を発売になって一番大きい一歩を歩き出した.