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HIBI*Chazz-K is a street saxophone ensemble. The members of the group include four saxophone players and one percussionist. Norihiko Hibi, Norihiko (S. Sax) of HIBI*Chazz-K arranges all tunes.

Their style is based in jazz, but they also play screen music, latin music and many other styles. They are an outstanding ensemble group, very distinct with their intensive yet spontaneous ad lib solos.

They walk around while playing without any PA systems because their passion to bring their music to the people is extraordinarily strong!

They have performed in various places and festivals around Tokyo and Japan. They also have the special Heaven’s Artist license which allows them to perform live street shows in the Tokyo area.

They have released 3 albums including their latest in 2009 “NO WAY! DO SWING”

Definitely check this fun group out soon!

ソプラノ、アルト、テナー、バリトンからなる4本のサックスと、パーカッションの5人組による「ストリートサック スアンサンブル」。



*東京都公認ヘブンアーティスト 音楽部門ライセンス取得

2009年に新しいアルバムをリーリスしました「NO WAY! DO SWING!~スウィングするしか道はない!~


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