Snap (Hip Hop)


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Very cool hip hop group representing Sendai Japan. They formed and began performing regularly in 2005 around the Sendai area at various clubs and live events. They joined in on the Mix CD “Golden Era” in Feb. 2009 and again for Golden Era Vol. 2″ in Sept. 2009. They are currently performing at Club Squall on every last Friday of the month.

They have some very grooving old school tracks. Check out their mysapce page for more!


2009年2月に在仙若手MCで構成されたMix CD「GOLDEN ERA」をオーガナイズ、参加。

また同年9月にも「GOLDEN ERA Vol.2」をリリース。
毎月最終金曜日CLUB SQUALLにてレギュラーイベント「SMACK DOWN」を中心に、精力的に活動中。

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