Live Music Spaces

A list of places to enjoy music in Tokyo and other areas.

(Please be aware some websites may only have  Japanese available)



Asakusa Hub 

Location: Asakusa (Tokyo)

Genre: Jazz

Located in the famous site -seeing district of Asakusa in downtown Tokyo, the Asakusa Hub (part of the British Pub chain Hub) has been hosting live Jazz music for long time. It is an interesting mix of cultures and very fun to experience live.

Blue Note Tokyo

Location: Omotesando (Tokyo)

Genre: Jazz, Pop and more

Sister to the legendary Blue Note in New York City, Blue Note Tokyo features different genres of live music events. While a bit on the expensive side, they do it right with music, service and good food.


Cotton Club

Location: Near Tokyo Station

Genre: Jazz, Pop and more



Jazz House Alfie

Location: Roppongi (Tokyo)

Genre: Well known for live Jazz events



Location: Ginza (Tokyo), Roppongi (Tokyo) and Yokohama (Kanagawa)

Genre: Pop-Rock, Classic Rock

Kento’s is an exciting live house which features live music nightly from mostly cover bands.  Be prepared to dance


Shinjuku Pit Inn

Location: Shinjuku (Tokyo)

Genre: Jazz

Located in the urban center of Shinjuku, Shinjuku Pit Inn offers a cool space for artists to do their thing and for jazz fans to enjoy.