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Saigenji picked up Quena (South American Pan flute) and met Folklore (tribal/folk music of Andes) when he was only nine years old. Since then he has approached many instruments from South America and started to perform especially with his guitar, playing and singing Brazilian Music. This is artiste Saigenji’s beginning of glorious life as a musician.

Saigenji has been capturing the hearts of many; from South to North end of Japan. He has been invited to perform in Korea,Singapore and France. In 2004, he alone flew to Brazil and recorded his fourth album “Accalanto” produced by Alexhandre Kassin, who has produced albums of Bebel Gilberto (“Girl from Ipanema, Astrud Gilberto’s daughter), Caetano Veloso, Arto Lindsey and more.

His SUPER covered songs “It’s Too Late”(Carol King),”Close to you”(Burt Bacharach & Hal David) and “Golden Lady”(Stevie Wonder) excited people in Japan.

To date he has released 6 albums and a best album in Japan with his 7th album “Another Window” to be released on September 9th !

Saigenji’s powerful unique voice and rhythmic guitar performances will grab you by the hands.


南米の民族音楽フォルクロ-レやブラジル音楽を中心にsoulやjazzなどありとあらゆる音楽を飲み込み、肉体的に吐き出すギタリスト&ボイスパ フォーマー、インプロヴァイザ-、ソングライタ-。その圧倒的なエネルギ-に満ち溢れたパフォーマンス、卓越した技術とセンスに裏付けられた存在感は観た 者全てを虜にする。独自の観点から生み出される作詞作曲も多方面で高い評価を受けている。

これまでにMISIA、MONDO GROSSO、冨田ラボ、今井美樹、アン・サリー、平井堅、LOSALIOS等にゲストボーカルやギタリストとして、また「IT’S ONLY ROCK’N ROLL (BUT WE LIKE IT) -A TRIBUTE TO ROLLING STONES-」「Felicidade -A Tribute to Joao Gilberto-」「Disney Girls」等、数々のトリビュートアルバムにも本人名義による独自の楽曲解釈で多数参加している。

今までに6枚のCDをリーリス、そして「THEミュージシャンズ・ミュージシャン」Saigenjiの2年3ヶ月ぶりの7th.フルアルバム、「Another Window」ついに完成!




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