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*This group is no longer active musically


5 member pop-rock band LOTO has been steadily gaining popularity over the last couple of years. With words and lyrics similar to an intimate conversation, emotional performances and great chorus work. They have built a music world all their own. One where reality and imagination meet.

The band started up in 2006 and began performing heavily in the Tokyo area.

They released their first mini-album in 2008 “time loot” and sold over 1000 CDs after only 4 months. Every event they played after was Sold Out.

In 2009 they added new member Azu (Gt. and Chorus) as well as releasing their 2nd mini album “takamimusubi” nation wide. Their music even charted in #2 on Tower Records music chart in Shinjuku. Leading to sold out events across the country during their nation wide tour.

In 2010 they added another new member violinist saya. Adding another element to their already formidable sound.  They currently making TV and radio appearances, while also performing live in Tokyo. Go check them out!

会話のような言葉を用いた歌詞と、キャッチーなメ ロディーライン。
エモーショナルなパフォーマンスと、多彩なコー ラスワークで、


2008年6月、1st mini album「time loot」をリリース。
今まで行ってきた自主企画イベントは全てSOLD OUTを記録。

同年6月、2nd mini album「takamimusubi」 が待望の全国発売。
TOWER RECORDS新宿店でウィークリー チャート2位を獲得。
ツアーファイナルの渋谷O-nestでのワンマンライブは超満員のSOLD OUTを 記録。


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