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Soul Diva YUKALI has been involved with music since a young age. Starting with seven years of classic piano study and later in her teen years participating in the Japanese cultural staple “KARAOKE”.  At age 18 she became very interested in Hip-Hop/R&B and began studying how to compose and write lyrics as a way to express herself.  She continued her creative development through voice training as well as meeting other artists. Now in, addition to her solo work, she is working with different artists around Japan doing back-up chorus, composing and production.

With sweet vocals and a terrific R&B sense she has formed a sound reminiscent of major western artists like Brandy and Monica. Which can be heard on her recent singles “Promise” and “We Can’t Back”. Both available on itunes Japan.




スイートなボーカルと高いR&Bセンスがあって彼女のサウンドを聴いたら、メジャースターBrandyMonicaを思い出せる。YUKALIの最近シングル「Promise」と「We Can’t Back」に聴くのはお勧め。


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