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MC Dizzy Doeswell was first introduced to Hip Hop by a friend in Junior High School. The Japanese Hard Rap group King Gidorah made a strong impression which led him to writing his own songs and forming the group Lupinoil FatNaruKuru with Jazee Minor and DJ S-kay.

At 18 Dizzy went to the US and lived in Brooklyn New York. While attending school there a friend invited him to join a Rap Audition which he passed, giving him even more stage experience.

Since returning to Tokyo he has joined up with various artists and record labels. But the current style of Hip Hop and his vision have been quite different. He is now back in his hometown of Chiba where he continues to grasp the essence of Hip Hop grooves.

You can check out his music online now!


中学時代に友人の薦めでHip hopと出会い、
同時期、Jazee Minor, DJ S-kayと共にLupinoil Fatなるクルーを結成。

それらの貴重な体験により更にHip hopに嵌っていく。

そしてその後は東京に移り、色々なhip hopのスタイルを目にするが
現在は、地元である千葉で改めてHip hopの本質と可能性を日々模索している。


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