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Soulful vocalist AIJ (pronounced AiJee) is a bi-lingual singer-songwriter with a foundation in Gospel.

He has done  backup vocals and rap for various big name artists in Japan including Soulja, Mye, Cradle and more.  He has also worked as a producer and composer.

He has since struck out on his own and is steadily building popularity with sweet, heartwarming vocals. Together with the musical influences of  R&B, SOUL, FUNK and ROCK , AIJ is making original and inspirational music.

Check out his first mini album “AIJ -All in Joy” online now!



元Do As InfinityのD.A.Iのプロジェクト「Area404」参加を始め、SoulJa, Mye, Cradle, Red Pepper Girlsなど、数々のアーティストの楽曲にてバックコーラスやラップ/MCとして参加。またアメリカンスクールで培った英語を活かし、英詩提供やレコーディング時の英語ディレクションも行う。

学生時代より好きだったR&B, SOUL, FUNK, ROCKっと、ジャンルレスに様々な要素をミックスしAIJ風に作り上げられるPOPなミュージック。

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