Billy Spangles Group


Formed in 1998, Billy Spangles Group is all about making original and memorable jazz: melodies you’ll find yourself humming, improvisations that leave you wanting more and exciting group interaction. Billy Spangles Group’s first CD “The Ballad of Cloudy Bongwater (and other songs)” is currently on sale. The Group conducted it’s first tour in March 2008 as part of the UK-Japan 2008 festival and plays regularly around central Tokyo in jazz clubs and bars. Please come on down and enjoy our music with us.

Huw Lloyd

is a British clarinettist, saxophonist, arranger and composer with a strong interest in jazz and improvising. He grew up in Hong Kong and feels comfortable in Asia, especially Tokyo where he has been living since 2002. He actively promotes jazz among youth in Tokyo and is also the organiser of the Billy Spangles Group. Other projects Huw is currently involved in include The Infinite Happiness Orchestra with Gaetano the Clown the Clown.

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