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ACHORDION is an Acoustic Soul duo by Tomoko Mitsuda (vo.) and Keitaro Kimura (gt.) from Hirosima.

Their unique, pleasing sound made from Tomoko’s clear voice, including her fiery innermost thoughts, and Keitaro’s  imaginative guitar can lift any audience’s heart up.

ACHORDION means putting sounds and hearts together as a chord.

They have been featured on various album projects you can find here.

And are currently performing around the Kanto areas of Japan.


( ア・コーディオン )満田智子(vo.) と木村恵太郎(gt.) による、ピースフルなアコースティックソウルデュオ。 表情豊かで力強いボーカルと想像性溢れるギターサウンドで、聴く人の心の高揚させるライブ活動を展開中。

ACHORDION ; A (一つ) , CHORD (和音) , ION (状態)。



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