Taichi Kanon

Taichi Kanon

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Singer Taichi Kanon started piano lessons at the age of 3 but quit the lessons in his 3rd year of elementary school. But his interest in music remained intact and he went on to study in a music vocal class for 3 years in High School. Since graduation he has been working hard to establish himself on the Japan indie scene with a style of soulful ballads and pop rock tinged up tempo songs.

He is currently performing around the Tokyo area including places like Shimokitazawa.

音楽に育てられましたのTaichi Kanonピアノは3歳ぐらいから始めまして、小学校3年生でやめました。でもそのまま音楽の興味を持って続く、高校で音楽声楽を3年間やってました、。卒業してからはプロを目指して活動しています

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