From a young age soul singer JAY (JELORD JESUS VERGARA) has been blessed with a beautiful 4 octave range voice (rare for men).

After receiving training in the US and places like New York, he has gone on to have quite a remarkable career singing soul, gospel and jazz music.

He has made numerous TV appearances in Japan and has worked with famous singers there including Akiko Wada and Hirai Ken. In 2009 he also worked back chorus for Stevie Wonder.

JAY is currently doing various live events around the Tokyo area



男性ではめずらしい4オクターブ声域でSOUL・JAZZ・GOSPELを中心に幅広いジャンルを歌いこなすセブ島出身の実力派シンガーとして母国で数々のコンテストで受賞。17歳の時、マニラでのコンテストで、ジョージ・ベンソンの「the greatest love of all」を歌い, グランプリ受賞。これをきっかけで、プロの道に入る。


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