JIN Radio 171 The Jazz

Some fine Jazz going out to my Mom, Grandmum and all the great mothers out there Enjoy and chill クールなジャズ母親、おばあちゃんと素敵お母さん達に届します。 エンジョイしてにゃ~

JIN Radio 169 End of Year Special

  JIN Radio sends the year off right with our Top 4 musicians for Jazz, Pop and other Genres. Who made the

The Jazz Avengers

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2021年、ドイツのミュンヘンで行われたOne Young World 閉会式での


リズム体は瀬川千鶴(EG) 、竹田麻里絵(Key) 、

芹田珠奈 (EB) で固め、

フロントは米澤美玖(TS) 、寺地美穂(AS) 、

WaKaNa(AS) 、中園亜美(SS)が華やかに飾り、






まさにAvengers の名に相応しい


Senri Kawaguchi (Dr) has called together

Japan’s top female musicians to perform at the One Young World closing ceremony in Munich, Germany in 2021.

The rhythm section is made up of

Chizuru Segawa (EG), Marie Takeda (Key), and Juna Serita (EB),

while the band is fronted by Miku Yonezawa (TS), Miho Terachi (AS),

WaKaNa (AS) , and Ami Nakazono (SS)who make a sparkling sound that only a four saxophone ensemble can create.

The band draws on jazz, funk, and fusion, and has gathered first-call members in various fields.

This includes sessions, live support, and recordings, and is truly  the strongest band worthy of the Avengers name.

Kazutaka Ota

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Born in Hiroshima in 1979. Kazutaka Ota was influenced by his music-loving parents. He grew up exposed to various genres of music from an early age. After that, he was impressed by the works of jazz flute master Herbie Mann and became interested in jazz. He started playing live while he was a student at Hiroshima University, performing at jazz clubs and live houses both inside and outside the prefecture. In recent years, he has expanded his field of activities to support performances of jazz and pops, solo live performances, composition, arrangement, event planning, and music production for musicals and games, focusing on live activities in his own unit.

His performance is characterized by a powerful and passionate sound that is not bound by the image of the classical flute. He pursues new possibilities of the flute and dynamic, groovy music. Incorporating not only general flute playing techniques but also special playing techniques such as voice percussion.

In 2017, “Yumi Yumi & Kazutaka Ota DUO” and “Game Musica Jake” released CD albums for each unit. In 2019, she released an album on CD/online distribution as a member of “MAQ”.

In 2018, a new multi-genre instrumental band “Alternative Chameleon” was formed. They intend to perform in way that conveys the charm of instrumental music to a wider range of people through the ever-changing sound that fuses a wide range of music genres and thematic live performances. In 2022, they will release the band’s 1st album “AZUL” on CD and distribution.


1979年広島生まれ。音楽好きの両親の影響で幼少より多様なジャンルの音楽に触れて育ち、6才よりピアノ、13才より吹奏楽部でフルートを始める。その後ジャズフルートの巨匠Herbie Mannの作品に感動し、ジャズに興味を持つ。広島大学在学中よりライブ活動を始め、県内外のジャズクラブ、ライブハウスで演奏を重ねる。近年は自己ユニットでのライブ活動を中心に、ジャズ・ポップスのサポート演奏、ソロライブ、作曲・編曲・イベント企画、ミュージカルやゲームの楽曲制作などにも活動の場を拡げている。


2017年「ゆみゆみ&太田和孝DUO」、「Game Musica Jake」、各ユニットのCDアルバムをリリース。2019年には「MAQ」のメンバーとしてCD/オンライン配信でアルバムを発表。