JIN Radio 140

  JIN Radio The Jazz is here again with some coolin artists including pianist, composer and producer Manami Morita. Stay inside grab

JIN Radio 139 The Return

  JIN Radio returns again in 2020 with a new show. This time we catch up with singer songwriter Aeka in our

JIN Radio 136 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio the Pop Rock brings the rhythm with Hot Pick Lilith Abi, soulful pop rock band Joyspring and BIG news about

JIN Radio 131 The Hip Hop R&B

Its a spooky JIN Radio with music from Kojoe and Hot Pick Shinoe whose new album “New One” debuts on Oct 27th.

JIN Radio 130 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio Pop Rock is in the house with new music from lee and small mountans, unnatural and more. Plus DJ Aki

JIN Radio 126 The Jazz

JIN Radio and DJ Aki are back from summer break with Jazz from Hot Pick Miho Hazama, Vocalist Miho Ishibashi and more.

JIN Radio 122 The Hip Hop R&B

JIN Radio gets soulful with music from SEEKER, JAY, Satch and more. Tune in and feel that Friday night vibe 今回のJINラジオはかなりソウルフルになってます。SEEKER,JAY、Satchといろんなクールなアーティストを紹介するので。今夜このバイブ感じましょにゃー Bookmark

JIN Radio 115 The Hip Hop R&B

JIN Radio Hip Hop R&B chilling with new artists. Including ARTSCAPE, iRa and our Hot Pick 2K’s with a moving song dedicated

JIN Radio 102 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio the Pop Rock returns with some popping goodness. Featuring music from AmiDol, new music from girl, and our Hot Pick