JIN Radio 139 The Return

  JIN Radio returns again in 2020 with a new show. This time we catch up with singer songwriter Aeka in our

JIN Radio 136 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio the Pop Rock brings the rhythm with Hot Pick Lilith Abi, soulful pop rock band Joyspring and BIG news about

JIN Radio 134 Special

JIN Radio is back with our last show of the year. Its a big show with many songs including new music from

JIN Radio 133 The Pop Rock

Its a special show for JIN Radio as DJ introduces music from Megumi, Mayu Wakisaka and Tsukiyoi. Plus a special announcement from

JIN Radio 130 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio Pop Rock is in the house with new music from lee and small mountans, unnatural and more. Plus DJ Aki

JIN Radio 127 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio Pop Rock is back with great music from Hot Pick Sawas Phool, singer songwriter Aeka and more. Plus in our

JIN Radio 123 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio Pop Rock is on the Spring vibe with new music from our Hot Pick Chiina, The Watanabes and more. Plus

JIN Radio 121 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio The Pop Returns with new style and great music. Including Rheason Love, esエス and the South Line Trippers. Listen and

JIN Radio 119 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio Pop Rock is online with lots of music goodness. Plus DJ Aki has interviews from the 2013 FOod Expo. Find