JIN Radio 133 The Pop Rock

Its a special show for JIN Radio as DJ introduces music from Megumi, Mayu Wakisaka and Tsukiyoi. Plus a special announcement from

JIN Radio 123 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio Pop Rock is on the Spring vibe with new music from our Hot Pick Chiina, The Watanabes and more. Plus

JIN Radio 121 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio The Pop Returns with new style and great music. Including Rheason Love, esエス and the South Line Trippers. Listen and

JIN Radio 117 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio is back  after a long break we bring the grooves for 2013 with Hot Pick W-D4, power pop band CREA

JIN Radio 114 The Pop Rock

This week’s Pop Rock JIN Radio is as always busy with great music and and great artists. We introduce new band Bitter

JIN Radio 111 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio Pops and Rocks with some of the newest indies music in Japan. Today’s show has Kinlay’s latest single, acoustic unit

JIN Radio 95 The Pop Rock

Tune into JIN and some Pop Rock goodness with Hot Pick South Line Trippers, Natsushi Satoshi and more. Plus DJ Aki gives

JIN Radio 92 The Pop Rock

JIN Radio Pop Rock returns with the best new indies musicians out there including our Hot Pick Rino. Come on and get

JIN Radio 87 The Pop Rock Flashback

 JIN Radio The Pop Rock is here and flashes back to the Top 5 artists in 2011. We also revisit our

JIN Radio 84 The Pop Rock

This weeks Pop Rock JIN Radio has our hot pick Ranka, Big news about Tokyo events and singer Aeka. Plus waz up