JIN Radio 121 The Pop Rock

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JIN Radio The Pop Returns with new style and great music.
Including Rheason Love, esエス and the South Line Trippers.
Listen and put some Spring in your step!

その中Rheasoon Loveesエス、とSouth Line Trippers


One thought on “JIN Radio 121 The Pop Rock

  1. As you did ask for feedback, I thought I take this opportunity to finally say hello. I’ve been listening to you for I think a couple of years now (from way over here in the UK) and am a huge fan of the show. Although it is important to change things up every now and again, I did miss not hearing whats going on in your life at the beginning of the show. That being said I did prefer the pace you went from one song to the next. I’m not sure if this helps at all…

    Keep up the good work with the show and Take Care.

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