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manana is a singer-songwriter in Japan who plays acoustic guitar. After experiencing the development of selective mutism in her childhood, she started writing songs with the themes of “loneliness” and “living.” She later went on to study abroad in the United States and was strongly influenced by Western music. She began to write songs with a Western taste. After returning to Japan, her music activities officially started in 2007 and continues to perform in the Tokyo area

Her 1st album Fly To You was released and 2013 available on iTunes Japan, Amazon and more

and her second mini-album Sanctuary was released in 2014 available via her online shop

Her lyrically based songs have been written from her own experiences. People who sympathize with this world view gather for her live shows. Her fan base is wide, regardless of age or gender, from students to working adults.

In addition, manana self-produces her music.  Not only writing and composing her songs, but also recording, designing, and producing her music videos. Recently, the number of independent live performances have increased, and a full audience comes for her one-woman live event that is held once or twice a year.

In addition, she is also engaged in activities aimed at communicating information about selective mutism, such as hosting “Kanmoku Acoustic Live” by artists who have experienced selective mutism



1st アルバムFly to You2013年リリース 現在 iTunes Japan, Amazon などに発売中

2ndミニアルバムSanctuary2014年リリース Mananaのオンラインショップにあります






UnMe  (pronounced ‘oon-may’ or 運命 as in Destiny in Japanese) is a new duo featuring talented singer Maya Hatch and her husband MC Boodah.  The new single “MIGAKE”  is a mixture of us singing & rapping in Japanese & English.

MIGAKE is Japanese for Polish! “Our reflection is sometimes very cloudy and unrecognizable; we must polish our lives (mirror) to see our true reflection (the person we want to become).” – MC BOODAH

Now available on all digital platforms:

For more updates on UnMe, follow @unme_music on Instagram:



マヤ・ハッチと夫でもあるMC BOODAHによる2人組のユニット、UnMe(運命)の待望のセカンドシングル「MIGAKE」が本日、3月16日にリリースされました!

UnMeのデビューシングル「The Sky Told Me」のリリースから2年ぶりとなる新譜は幅広いオーディエンスに伝わるように日本語と英語がミックスされています。歌詞の内容には「自分の命が鏡だったら、もっとクリアな最高の自分の姿がピカピカに映るまで鏡を磨こう!」と言うメッセージが含まれています。