Manami Morita

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Manami Morita was born in Saitama, Japan in 1984. She started off with learning classical piano at the age of 4. Unfortunately, she hated piano lessons because she couldn’t stand so much rules in classical piano. On the other hand, she loved playing just as she wanted and felt. At the age of thirteen, she met JAZZ. and felt “THIS IS AWESOME, I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!!”

After learning on her own, she got a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in 2005 and in 2006, she moved to United States and started her career at Berklee in Boston to disover her own music based on jazz.

Since then Manami has recieved awards for her jazz prowess and has performed around the world with internationally acclaimed musicians such as Esperanza Spalding, Greg Hopkins, Mark Walker, Rosa Pasos, Oscar Stagnaro and more. Also, she appeared at Martha’s Vineyard Music Festival in 2008 with other groups such as Boston Pops, Gladys Knight, and Kate Taylor. She produced and released her first album “Colors” in 2009. It’s available online via CD baby or itunes.

1984年埼玉県に生まれmanami moritaさん若く4歳でクラシカルピアノ学び始めた。ただレッソンは嫌いになった。クラシック音楽のレッソンの中で好きなように弾けられないから。でも13歳の時ジャズに出会いそして”すごい!好きなようにやっても良い!!”と感じました。


それからManamiさんと彼女のジャズ才能は世界中様々な賞を貰ってそして世界的な称賛を得ているアーティストと同じステージに立ってました、例えばEsperanza Spalding, Greg Hopkins, Mark Walker, Rosa Pasos, Oscar Stagnaroなど