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ITSUKA, from Tokyo, is a multi-talented musician who can not only write lyrics and music, but also handle everything from studio design, equipment setup, video production, and live streaming all on her own.

She has over a hundred original songs in Japanese and English influenced by rock, blues, folk, country, and other genres. While steadily establishing herself as a singer-songwriter, including winning the grand prize in HAKASE.COM’s “Singer-Songwriter Contest 2017,” she is also a standout presence in the musical instrument industry as a gear girl who loves guitars and digital equipment.

Her latest mini-album “RED Episode 1” is available online now


東京出身のITSUKA (イツカ)は、作詞・作曲はもちろん、スタジオのデザイン、機材セッティング、映像制作、生配信まで、全て一人でこなせる、マルチ・ミュージシャン。


今最新のミニアルバム「RED Episode 1」オンラインで発売中

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Tokyo Blazin’ aka “The Reggae Rock Sensation”

TOKYO BLAZIN’ is a Reggae-Rock Band based in Tokyo, Japan which plays exclusively sunshine vibes and feel-good music!
TOKYO BLAZIN’は、東京メインで活動しているのレゲエ ロック バンドです、
Andy Kinlay on Guitar & Lead Vocals, Tommy Jaime on Bass Guitar, Alberto Garcia on Lead Guitar and Mike Marrington on Drums – Someone comes up with an idea and then they write songs collectively in a series of Jam sessions all around Japan.
Formerly as “Sans Danesin”, They released two 4-track EPs “Heatstroke” (2016) and “Blazin'” (2017) before their rebranding to “Tokyo Blazin”. They released their debut EP “Phoenix Rising” on the summer solstice in June 2022.
“Reggae Rock” (like Sublime, Magic! , early Bruno Mars, Rebelution, Tribal seeds, 311, etc)
Tokyo Blazin’ – 4-track EP “Phoenix Rising”
Catch-them in Tokyo or invite them to a beach party near you soon !
+81-90-8087-9937 (East Point Media)


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Originally from Osaka Japan yonige is currently a 2 person band  with Arisa Ushimaru on Vocal / Guitar

and Gokkin on Bass and Chorus. They have a pretty strong following so a keep a look out for them.



  Vocal :吉田 翔平

Guitars :Namae

Bass :まえじまたかひろ

Keyboard : 多揺 空


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Classmates from junior high school promised to form a band when they had the power to overcome other strong bands. That promise was fulfilled when TYINPETS was formed in September 2017.
This unique 4 man band with their standout 130kg vocalist from Shimo-kitazawa is quickly building a name for themselves.

中学からの同級生とまんをじして強いバンドたちを倒せるような力がついたらバンドを組もうという約束を果たすべく、2017年9月、ティンペッツ(TYINPETS) 結成。 本拠地・下北沢で頭角を現しつつあるVocalが130kgあるという特異な4人編成バンド。


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manana is a singer-songwriter in Japan who plays acoustic guitar. After experiencing the development of selective mutism in her childhood, she started writing songs with the themes of “loneliness” and “living.” She later went on to study abroad in the United States and was strongly influenced by Western music. She began to write songs with a Western taste. After returning to Japan, her music activities officially started in 2007 and continues to perform in the Tokyo area

Her 1st album Fly To You was released and 2013 available on iTunes Japan, Amazon and more

and her second mini-album Sanctuary was released in 2014 available via her online shop

Her lyrically based songs have been written from her own experiences. People who sympathize with this world view gather for her live shows. Her fan base is wide, regardless of age or gender, from students to working adults.

In addition, manana self-produces her music.  Not only writing and composing her songs, but also recording, designing, and producing her music videos. Recently, the number of independent live performances have increased, and a full audience comes for her one-woman live event that is held once or twice a year.

In addition, she is also engaged in activities aimed at communicating information about selective mutism, such as hosting “Kanmoku Acoustic Live” by artists who have experienced selective mutism



1st アルバムFly to You2013年リリース 現在 iTunes Japan, Amazon などに発売中

2ndミニアルバムSanctuary2014年リリース Mananaのオンラインショップにあります