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August 13th, 2010

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Today’s JIN Radio takes a special look at JIN Radio Live. And features artists who appeared at our last show in May and will appear on our upcoming event Soul Night (8.14 The Pink Cow at 8pm-broadcast live via webstream). Featured artists include Sawas Phool, KINLAY, Taichi Kanon and our Artist of the Month Jay. Check out the music!


今日のJINラジオは特別です。今回以前にJINラジオライブを出現してくれたアーティストそして次のソウルナイトライブ(Pink Cow 8月14日 8時からオンラインでライブストリームもします)に出るアーティストを紹介します。Sawas Phool, KINLAY, Taichi Kanon そしてArtist of the Month Jay。良い音楽バッカリ待ってます、絶対チェックしてくれ!

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JIN Radio Live-Great fun 大成功!

May 13th, 2010

Hey all!

It has already been a week but I still cant get over what a great show we had at the Pink Cow on May 2nd. It was a lot of fun to introduce all the talented artists we had lined up. And a special thanks to all the people who came to see the show. We are already planning the next event and will let you know next date as soon as we can. Until then take a look at some of the cool pics from the show!

もう一週間以上をたったが、渋谷のPink CowにやったJINラジオライブあんなに大成功してまだまだ信じません。 Read more…

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