JIN Radio 142

February 22nd, 2021

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JIN 142 returns with our LOOK Artist Maya Hatch who has released a new single. New music from S-Key-A and more. Check it out now and see the below

JINラジオで今回にLOOK アーティストはMaya Hatchです。新シングルを紹介します



S-key-A YouTube Channel


Maya Hatch – All I Want Is You (feat. MC BOODAH)*husband

Maya Hatch Youtube Channel


Roundsville – https://roundsville.com/

Roundsville Soundcloud

Roundsville Youtube Channel



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JIN Radio Artist LOOK:The 49ers

May 24th, 2012

Due to unforeseen Network difficulties JIN Radio is taking one more week off. But we plan to be back fresh and ready with coolin Jazz to liven your day. Till then check out our LOOK Artist this week, the international Hip Hop unit The 49ers!

思わぬネットワークトラブルで今週もJINラジオを休みします。だが必ず来月の1日にクールなジャズを紹介するため戻ってきますので絶対チェックしてくれにゃー。では今週のルークアーティストは国際的なヒップホップユーニットThe 49ers


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JIN Radio Artist LOOK: Tsukiyoi

May 11th, 2012

JIN Radio is taking a break today as we set up in a new area. We will be back on May 25th with some hip hoppin R&B goodness. Until then check our LOOK artist this week, Japanese group Tsukiyoi who recently charted at No. 1 on Reverbation charts. Check them out below and on our 100th show special.





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JIN Radio Artist LOOK: The BeatJackers / Rhyming Gaijin

February 17th, 2012

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This week’s Artist Look takes a live peak at up and coming Indies Hip Hop / Rock band The BeatJackers, While a relatively new band they continue to improve and big waves here in Tokyo. Their new album T.A.B.T.A. is out now on cdbaby and iTunes. Take a listen then go check them out soon

*warning: sound may be a little loud

And before that DJ Aki, in a special “Waz Up Japan” segment, interviews Rhyming Gaijin aka. R.G. about is live show with local R&B singer Mami Sue and others on Feb 18th at the Roppongi Morph.

今週の特別なアーティストルークに爆発のようにどんどん出てくるThe BeatJackersにみる。彼らのニューアルバムT.A.B.T.A.は現在CDBabyとiTunesに発売中。リンクをクリックして、Beatjackersのライブ雰囲気を聞いてみにゃー


その前にDJ Akが”Waz Up Japan”のコーナーでラップマスターRhyming Gaijinと話す。彼とR&BシンガーMami Sueが2月18日に六本木Morphのビッグなライブについて語る!

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JIN Radio Artist LOOK: JiLL-Decoy association

January 20th, 2012

It is an Off week for JIN Radio but the music never stops ^_^.  Our Artist LOOK this week features Jazz Pop band JiLL-Decoy association or JILDECO for short. This 3 person band with their uniquely Jazz influenced Pop sound has released 4 albums to date. Their most recent album “JILDECO 4 Ugly Betty” is available on iTunes and other online stores. Their amazing vocalist chihiRo has also worked with other artists on this site including saxophonist Takayuki Nishimura and the Shima&Shikou DUO. Their next live gig will be at the JZ Brat in Shibuya. A highly recommended group, so check out their PV JiLL’s blue from their 3rd album “JILDECO 3

今週はJINラジオのオフウェークだが音楽の紹介絶対とまれないにゃー。 今回のArtist LOOKでJiLL-Decoy association (ジルデコ)を紹介。このトリオでのユーニックなジャズポップで4枚CDをリリース。最新のアルバム「ジルデコ 4-Ugly Betty」今オンラインストアiTunesなどに発売中。グループのレベル高いボーカルchihiRoこのサイトのアーティストTakayuki NishimuraShima&ShikouDUO、とよくコラボする。次のライブ1.31日に渋谷JZBratにあって、かなりお勧め。下のジルデコPV「Jill’s Blue」を見ればわかる、よろしくにゃー!


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JIN Radio Artist LOOK: Aeka

November 18th, 2011

This week’s artist look features indies singer songwriter Aeka. With the heartfelt lyrics and melodies of her songs, she is slowly but surely grabbing the attention of many in Japan’s indy music world. Her 2nd album “Hikari to Kage”  (Light and Shadow) is set for release in June 2012. She is hoping to get 3000 pre-orders in an effort to enter the Oricon music charts (you can help with those efforts by reserving online here: Japan only). And with songs like “Mou Daijoubu” (Its OK Now), we are sure she will be on the charts soon. Check out her Promotion Video below.

今回のLOOKアーティストはシンガーソングライターあえかです。彼女の感動的な歌詞とメロディによって日本のインディーズ界は彼女のことを少しずつ気ついてくる。来年の6月にあえかのセコンドアルバム 「光と影」 をリーリス予定のため、3000人の予約入りを挑む。そうするとオリコンチャート上に入りそうなんで是非応援してみてくれ。(ここでもっと詳しく)。 でもアルバムに新しいシングル 「もう大丈夫」 みたいな曲いっぱいあったら全然余裕と思うですね。 あえかのYoutubePV下でチェック!

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JIN Radio: Artist LOOK

February 18th, 2011

Today a special look at Indies singer Melodina with the promotion video for her single “Almost Like Heaven” available via amazon now. For music like this check out JIN Radio the Hip Hop R&B every 4th Friday of the month. A new show is next week, don’t miss it!

今日のJIN Radio LOOKにボーカリストMelodinaのシングル”Almost Like Heaven”PV。今Amazonに発売中。こいう感じな音楽もっと聴きたいなら是非JIN Radio Hip Hop R&B毎月の第4の金曜日に聴いてくれにゃー。 次の番組来週だにゃー!

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