JIN Radio Artist LOOK: JiLL-Decoy association

It is an Off week for JIN Radio but the music never stops ^_^.  Our Artist LOOK this week features Jazz Pop band JiLL-Decoy association or JILDECO for short. This 3 person band with their uniquely Jazz influenced Pop sound has released 4 albums to date. Their most recent album “JILDECO 4 Ugly Betty” is available on iTunes and other online stores. Their amazing vocalist chihiRo has also worked with other artists on this site including saxophonist Takayuki Nishimura and the Shima&Shikou DUO. Their next live gig will be at the JZ Brat in Shibuya. A highly recommended group, so check out their PV JiLL’s blue from their 3rd album “JILDECO 3

今週はJINラジオのオフウェークだが音楽の紹介絶対とまれないにゃー。 今回のArtist LOOKでJiLL-Decoy association (ジルデコ)を紹介。このトリオでのユーニックなジャズポップで4枚CDをリリース。最新のアルバム「ジルデコ 4-Ugly Betty」今オンラインストアiTunesなどに発売中。グループのレベル高いボーカルchihiRoこのサイトのアーティストTakayuki NishimuraShima&ShikouDUO、とよくコラボする。次のライブ1.31日に渋谷JZBratにあって、かなりお勧め。下のジルデコPV「Jill’s Blue」を見ればわかる、よろしくにゃー!


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