JIN Radio 37 The Hip Hop-R&B

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This week’s JIN Radio will be introducing Hip Hop-R&B songs perfect for summer play. Artists like Azian Black, Shing02, Yoshimi and more will be giving the grooves so turn the bass up and enjoy!

今週のJINラジオに夏の遊びのためちょうど良いヒップホップ・R&B音楽を紹介するぜ。 アーティスト達Azian Black、Shing02、Yoshimiなどがとても良いグルーブしてくれるのでベースを上げてエンジョイしてくれ!


One thought on “JIN Radio 37 The Hip Hop-R&B

  1. Hey Akim – head to Karuizawa to get away from this weather. Cool place and cool air – plus the last place Lennon stayed in Japan before being popped.

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