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Sawas Phool members singing for the animals
Sawas Phool members singing for the animals

Hear about Sawa’s campaign in this exclusive interview.



In the popular Inogashira Park on a hot and humid Sunday we find indies artists Sawa and her partner Zizi singing live for everyone to hear. There are not many people yet but things have just started and people are beginning to notice.


It is a street live, a not uncommon site in the park or around Tokyo for that matter, but there is one big difference with this show. Where you usually find fliers, CDs or something with information promoting the performing artist, there is only a sign-up sheet and two homemade signs featuring a cutely drawn dog and cat with the words “STOP Animal Cruelty”.


This live event is the first step of a summer campaign for the promotion of better laws to protect animals in Japan and Sawa and her crew are collecting signatures from the audience for a petition.  It is a scene you don’t see often in Japan from performing artists, but hopefully this energetic young lady’s campaign will start a trend. A trend of giving back to the world around you.


Check Sawa’s Myspace page and blog for more info!



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