This is MiMi – こちらはミミでございにゃー!


Hey all! I just wanted to introduce everyone to our JIN Radio mascot MiMi. Mimi is a cool lady cat who I found in my house one day on the sofa listening to my jazz CDs. She was so cute I decided to keep her. She can be a little naughty sometimes but has a great sense for music. I hope you all grow to like her!


Fav Food: Fish, Tuna Pasta

Likes: Jazz , The Ocean

Dislikes: Swimming

Fav Drink: Yuzu Juice




好きな食べ物: さかな、ツナ。パスタ

好きな物: ジャズ、海

嫌いなこと: 泳ぐこと

好きな飲み物: ゆずジュース

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